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What can a vibrant health ministry look like?

Rev. Dr. Ken Robinson of St. Andrew African Methodist Episcopal Church in Memphis, Tennessee was recently interviewed by in an article titled Soulful Messengers about his congregation’s health ministry activities. Every congregation reading this article can find something that inspires them to try something new.


Did You Know? Table – May

This is the second month of providing you with ideas for your own congregation’s Did You Know? table. This is a simple and effective way any congregation can get out needed health information to the members of its faith community. You can check out my introductory post as well as the post for April. Simply check out the Did You Know? Tables category.

May is:

Mental Health Month: The site Mental Health Ministries offers a wide range of fact and information sheets and bulletin inserts that you may print out and share with your faith community. The National Alliance on Mental Illness supports FaithNet, which includes an explanation of eight steps a congregation should follow when establishing a ministry to those with mental illness.

American Stroke Month: While stroke can affect any of us, it is a health disparity in the African American community. This link to the National Stroke Association offers good information for your table including a High Blood Pressure Fact Sheet and brochure on reducing stroke in African Americans. You can also find NSA’s home page from this link. You can also find good information from the American Heart Association.

Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month: I wrote a reflection for last month on asthma as a part of that sites Earth Day observance. If you haven’t already, I hope you will read, “Think Earth Day, Act Locally.” Asthma Answers Online offers a helpful fact sheet, and based in Atlanta, Not One More Life partners with communities of faith to bring asthma education and awareness to people where they worship.

Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month: With the arrival of summer, it is time for all of us to be reminded about skin cancer. Fact sheets are available from both the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Melanoma Foundation.

There are many other obervances in May which may affect members of your faith community including National Arthritis Awareness Month, National Celiac Disease Awareness Month, and Lupus Awareness Month.

Good luck with your Did You Know? table in May.

American Diabetes Alert Day

Tuesday, March 24th is American Diabetes Alert Day. Diabetes and its complications (heart disease, blindness, stroke, amputation, and even death) affect African Americans, Native Americans and Latinos disproportionately. In Memphis and West Tennessee, the American Diabetes Association is encouraging African American congregations to observe a Diabetes Sunday in March, passing out educational information on the prevention and treatment of diabetes to all church members. Please explore the links below for additional information:

American Diabetes Alert Day
African American Initiatives
Native American Initiatives
Latino Initiatives

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