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Hunger Problem in America Growing

A troubling article in the Washington Post reports that the economic crisis in this country has led to an all-time high in people who are lacking sufficient food. Quoting the article by Washington Post Staff Writer Amy Goldstein, “Food shortages, the report shows, are particularly pronounced among women raising children alone. Last year, more than one in three single mothers reported that they struggled for food, and more than one in seven said that someone in their home had been hungry — far eclipsing the food problem in any other kind of household.”

From church food pantries to Feeding America to Angel Food Ministries, there are numerous ways communities of faith can do their part to reduce this problem.

Demand Up but Inventories Down at Food Banks

My church purchases food from the Mid-South Food Bank, which we distribute to our neighbors in need two days each week and on Sunday.  This article describes the situation in the Washington, DC area, but it reflects trends nationally.

For more information on the work of Food Banks or to find one in your area, visit Feeding America, formerly America’s Second Harvest at

If you are in the Memphis area, you can find out about our Food Bank at

If your congregation has a food pantry ministry, consider sharing your experiences here so more could learn.

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